HSS Bracing Punch Plate Connection Design Excel Sheet

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The above spread sheet shall be used to design PUNCH THROUGH PLATE CONNECTION for HSS member based on AISC- LRFD code ( Steel design guide 24).
Design Checks:
HSS:- Tensile yielding
HSS :-Tensile rupture
Punch plate:- Tensile yielding
Punch plate:- Tensile rupture
Punch Plate :- Axial -Block shear rupture
Punch Plate : Compression
Punch Plate :- flexure
Punch Plate:- Interaction for flexure and Tension, comp (max values)
Bolt bearing
Bolt Shearing
splice plate:- Tensile yielding
splice plate:- Tensile rupture
Spilce plate : Axial Block shear
Splice/Cover plates : Compression
Shear of the weld metal and shear of the HSS and Punch plate base metals

Calculation Reference

AISC – LRFD code


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